2019 Drawing List

Following are the names of those who did not win the attendance drawing due to not attending the last MLS Breakfast Meeting on Thursday, December 19, 2019. The winner of the final attendance drawing was Vince Veneziano.

  1. Michael Khalil Nab, Pacific Realty Center
  2. Joanna Kin Mei Or, IRN Realty
  3. Walter Fernando Castellanos, New Neighbor Properties
  4. Dee P. Chou, Coldwell Banker George Realty
  5. Jerry Ngoc Le, Amax Realty
  6. Robert K. Chan, Pacific Asia Grp Rlty, Inc.
  7. David Eiming Liu, Richmax International Co.
  8. Joy Lyn Carothers, Carothers & Associates
  9. Kenneth Chau, G E Property Development
  10. Phillip Man Yau, Home Real Estate
  11. Cha M. Lee, Ko Tai Realty
  12. Yao Huang, US National Realty
  13. Tony Chin Fung Kwok, Dynasty Real Estate
  14. HuiHua Chen, IRN Realty
  15. Jia Jane Hwang, C-21 Inverness
  16. Andrew Chiao, Andrew Chiao, Broker
  17. Ben Peng Situ, Alliance Realty Kingdom Inc.
  18. Ying Liu, KW Signature 
  19. Kayan Yeung, Pass Point Corp.
  20. Kai-Li Chi, Ko Tai Realty
  21. Ryan Tru-Jiang Ting, Masters Realty
  22. Linda H. Wang, Huntington Realty Group Co.
  23. Yan Ming Cui, Grandmark Realty Inc.
  24. Haojie Pan, IRN Realtors/R.H.
  25. Yuzhou Liu, KW Executive
  26. Funing Zhao, Skyway Investment Corp.
  27. Wei Chen, Supreme Investment Corp.
  28. Chi Man Lam, Secure Investment
  29. Li Qin Bai, Coldwell Banker Dynasty
  30. Yuan Yuan Chen, Re/Max Advanced Realty
  31. Erich Kai Chan, Executive Realtors
  32. Hank Chang, IRN Realty
  33. Hing Ling Chu, IRN Realty
  34. Huey Jye Hsiao, IRN Realty
  35. Stanley K. Nobuta, Appraisal Dynamics
  36. Evelyn Borlaza Calivoso, Silver Star Financial
  37. Jose Merlos, Coldwell Banker George Realty
  38. Kenneth Chu, Emma Realty, Inc.
  39. Dayong Deng, C-21 Dynasty
  40. Mavera Mir, Realty One Group United
  41. Jennie Xing Yang, Grandmark Realty 
  42. George Chiao Chih Chiang, CCC Investment Group, Inc.
  43. Gino Xiaocong Mai, IRN Realty
  44. Benjamin Au, Amvest Realty
  45. Juliet Lee Yang, Re/Max Premier/San Marino
  46. Tung Quach, Cal Home Realty
  47. Allen Yat-Lung Wong, Redhill Real Estate Services
  48. Michael Banks, MB Real Estate Group
  49. Deanna Y. Chan, Handfore Realty Corp.
  50. Lorena Leung, Re/Max Advanced Realty
  51. Dennis S. Dailey, Cal Mutual Inc.
  52. Xiaowen Zhou, US National Realty
  53. Lillian Ebina, KW Signature 
  54. Daniel Patrick Venti, Anthony Venti Realtors
  55. Shu-Chi Heh, IRN Realty
  56. Sandra Deering, Coldwell Banker
  57. Theresa Yvone Rivera, Excellence Real Estate
  58. May Y. Cheung, Handfore Realty Corp.
  59. Leslie Kay Wong, Kent Realty & Investment
  60. Shu Wen Lin, Coldwell Banker Dynasty/TC
  61. Dennis S. Lin, IRN Realty
  62. Steve Hang, Coldwell Banker Dynasty/Arc
  63. Christine Ngoc Nguyen, Millennium Realty
  64. Jeffrey Lee, IRN Realty
  65. Catherine Ke-Rou Chen, Manrealty.com 
  66. Mike Yanming Chen, Echain Realty
  67. Qilin Zou, Grandmark Realty
  68. Ying Zhao, Ying Zhao
  69. Qing Yi, Vastree Real Estate
  70. Jian Feng Zhu, Mandarin Realty 1 Corp
  71. Jia Fang Xu, IRN Realty
  72. Donald Ray Long, United R.E/LA
  73. Gary C. Wang, Re/Max Elite Realty
  74. Xiaoying Nie, Home Times Realty
  75. Shuo Yan, Real Estates Unlimited
  76. Sean L. Tran, Kim Long Realty
  77. Yuchi Peter Peng, Ko Tai Realty
  78. Ruqian Liu, Xingshang Grp USA, Inc.
  79. Ivan Anthony Solis, Central Financial & Realty
  80. Diana Tran, Re/Max Elite Realty
  81. Yili Chen, Lai Deed Realty
  82. Le Chang, IRN Realty
  83. Ernest W. Henry, C-21 Adams & Barnes
  84. Anthony W-K Wong, Concord Realty, Inc.
  85. Big Chang, Ko Tai Realty
  86. Philip Kim, Amerestate Realty Inc.
  87. Charles Bert Garrison, C-21 Adams & Barnes
  88. Wei Li, Well Investments, Inc.
  89. Yan Shi, Supreme Investment Corp
  90. Andrew Wei Shi, IRN Realty
  91. Patricia Corona, Kim Tuey, Real Estate Broker
  92. Dave Duong, Your Home Sold Guaranteed Rlty
  93. Michael Koo, Highland Real Estate
  94. Gustavo B. Ruiz, LAR Realty
  95. April Lin, Han Realty
  96. Jessie Yang Liu, Northland Real Estate Group
  97. Hsien Hank Tsai, Supreme Investment Corp
  98. Rafael Jimenez Cortez, Coldwell Banker George Realty
  99. Sheareen Majdi Kishawi, Pacific Sterling Realty
  100. Sharon M. Duan, Ko Tai Realty
  101. Hsiao Chun Chao, KW Executive
  102. Qiang Zhang, Harvest Realty Development
  103. Kwong Wa Cheung, Ko Tai Realty
  104. Calvin Shaw Ho, IRN Realty
  105. Tammy Yan, Kingston Realty
  106. Anthony C J Camperi, C-21 Adams & Barnes
  107. Peter Trung Minh Lam, Richland Real Estate
  108. Yanfang Guan, Huntington Realty Group Co.
  109. Ken John Parsons, East Foothills Market
  110. Ronald K Takasugi, Coldwell Banker New Century