City Sign Ordinances

Alhambra - 
  • 23.50.010  PURPOSE. The purpose of this chapter is to establish sign regulations that are intended to:
    (A) Support the use of signs to aid orientation and to advertise and identify business and activities and express local character;
    (B) Facilitate the ability of the public to identify uses and premises without confusion;
    (C) Promote the appearance of the city as an attractive place to live, work, and trade by controlling and regulating the design, quality of materials, location, scale, illumination, and maintenance of signs ;
    (D) Ensure the use of signs that do not create distractions that may jeopardize pedestrian or vehicular traffic safety or produce glare which adversely affects adjacent uses; and
    (E) Provide minimum standards designed to safeguard the life, health, safety, and public welfare while encouraging functional flexibility, variety, and compatibility.
    ('86 Code, § 23.50.010) (Ord. 4110, passed  - - ) 

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Monterey Park -

21.24.010 Purpose.  The purposes of this chapter include:

  1. Encourage the effective use of signs as a means of communication in the City;
  2. Maintain and enhance the aesthetic environment and the City’s ability to attract sources of economic development and growth;
  3. Encourage signs, which are integrated with and harmonious in size, design, style, material, and appearance to the buildings and sites, which they occupy and surround;
  4. Improve pedestrian and traffic safety;
  5. Minimize the possible adverse effect of signs on nearby public and private property; and
  6. Enable the fair and consistent enforcement of these sign restrictions.

This chapter is adopted pursuant to the City’s police powers in furtherance of the more general goals set forth in the General Plan to regulate the time, place, and manner that signs may be used within the City’s jurisdiction. (Ord. 2097 § 3, 2013)

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Monrovia - 

Real Estate Signs (Section 17.28.070 D)

  • Real Estate Signs announcing building for sale, rent, or lease shall not exceed two signs for any one lot or parcel of property and shall be located on the property to which sign refers.  Said signs shall be allowed without approval of the Development Review Committee.  Such signs shall not exceed six square feet in surface area.


Rosemead -

17.116.010 - The regulations contained in this chapter are intended to promote the health, safety and welfare of the City by regulating existing and proposed signs of all types. The specific goals of this chapter are to improve the visual, aesthetic and economic environment of the City through:

  1. Controlling the size, type and locations of signs in every zone;
  2. Providing reasonable periods of amortization for existing signs declared nonconforming by the enactment of this chapter;
  3. Creation of a plan for amortization and removal of signs which, because of their size, location or construction, have an adverse effect upon the residential, economic and general aesthetic environment in the City; and
  4. Encouraging the upgrading of existing signs to conform with the requirements set forth hereinafter.

 (Ord. No. 931, § 5(Exh. A), 10-22-13)

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San Gabriel -

Real Estate Signs (153.327 SGMC)

  • 1 sign at the property not to exceed 6 square feet.
  • Off-site signs for open house allowed 10am-7pm on the same day as the open house.
  • Limited 1 sign per corner & no flags, balloons, or streamers.
  • No more than 5 off-site signs, not permitted in medians, and cannot exceed 3 feet in height.

Exempt Signs (153.327 SGMC)

  • Election & political signs. Allowed one month prior and up to 48 hours after election ends.
  • Flags of national or political subdivisions.o Holiday decorations.

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Temple City -
  • Businesses are allowed one banner, pennant or balloons for a maximum of thirty (30) days within any six (6) month period, and for a minimum of five (5) days. A temporary sign permit must be obtained from the Community Development Department prior to displaying a banner, pennant, balloons, or any other type of advertising.

    In addition, the following temporary signs are allowed for new businesses, businesses changing location, businesses under new management or a change of ownership. A temporary sign stating “Coming Soon” or “Under Construction”is permitted for a period of sixty (60) days. Also, a temporary sign stating“Grand Opening” or “Under New Management” is allowed for a period of thirty (30) days.

    No flags are permitted, other than the State of California or United States flag, etc. “A” frame signs are considered temporary advertising and are permitted fora maximum of thirty (30) days on private property. Sidewalk and “A” frame signs are not permitted on public property.

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