CRMLS Training

Date: March 13, 2019
Time: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm


Instructor: CRMLS Instructor


CRMLS Marketing Tools (10AM-11AM)
CRMLS offers a multitude of products and services to assist you with marketing your personal brand and engaging clients in this competitive, fast-paced industry.  In this course, we will introduce the tools available to CRMLS users to easily create flyers and other marketing assets that will not only market your listings and business brand, but also leave a lasting impression on current and potential clients. Products include:

  • System branding customization
  • Cloud CMA
  • ListReports
  • RPR
  • RatePlug
  • ePropertyWatch

Engaging Clients with Matrix (11AM-12PM)
Learning how to properly set up the features provided in CRMLS Matrix will help improve your engagement and relationships with clients. Manage client information in CRMLS Matrix to your benefit. In this class, we will cover the following topics:

  • How to set up contacts
  • How to set up auto emails for clients to receive new listings that match their criteria
  • How to preview your client’s emails to see what listings they have received
  • How to view and manage a customer and agent portal
  • How to set up saved searches and favorite searches

Cloud Agent Suite (1PM-3PM)
Three of the premium real estate tech products in the Cloud Agent Suite are free to all CRMLS users. Learn how to master them in this informative class. From the eye-catching reports of Cloud CMA to the “smart search” options in Cloud MLX to the lightning-fast branded alerts of Cloud Streams, these products will help develop your skill set as a real estate professional. The products are:

  • Cloud CMA, an online comparative market analysis report generator
  • Cloud MLX, a streamlined MLS front-end that prioritizes search and communication
  • Cloud Streams, a listing alert and client collaboration tool

Recommended: Please bring your tablet or mobile devices.
Prerequisite: Basic computer knowledge.