Need Help? File a Complaint

What are the issues that you encounter during or after your real estate transaction?

  • Buyer/Seller issues with real estate brokers and salespersons' misleads and defrauds. (Department of Real Estate)
  • Subdividers accursed of violating subdivision laws. (Department of Real Estate)
  • Communication issues between REALTORS® and/or clients?
  • Ethics & Professionalism issues?
  • Disputes with REALTORS®?
  • Buyer/Seller issues either during or after a transaction closes?
  • Commission dispute process?

If you have complaints against real estate brokers and salespersons accused of misleading or defrauding consumers or if you have complaints against subdividers accused of violating subdivision laws, please CLICK HERE to file a complaint with the Department of Real Estate.

Complaints must be filed within 180 days

To file an ethics or arbitration complaint, you must contact WSGVAR within 180 days from the time you knew that wrongful conduct took place.  If any of the aforementioned issues that you encounter and need help, please complete the form below or contact us at 626-288-6212.

NOTICE: Ombudsmen are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice or answer legal questions.

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