The Voice of Real Estate

The Voice for Real Estate is NAR's bi-weekly video news series. Every two weeks, host Stephen Gasque, NAR's director of broadcasting, shines a spotlight on the top legislative, regulatory, and legal issues NAR is working on, and he will summarize recent research findings. 

The Voice for Real Estate 81: Stock Swings, RESPA, Water, Budget
The big swings in the stock market in early February shouldn't hurt real estate. An appeals court sides with NAR that a lender's marketing service agreement didn't violate RESPA. The Supreme Court will probably end a stay on an EPA water rule that real estate interests don't like but a new rule should be better. Eased requirements for a popular small business loan holds promise for more business in real estate. The federal budget deal signed in mid-February has a lot of good things for real estate, including a flood insurance extension.

The Voice for Real Estate 80: Robots, Association Health Plans, Shutdown
Will robots take over showings soon? Tech companies are making prototypes to do just that. Also covered: Association health plans get a boost, another federal shutdown could affect real estate, what NAR's reorganization means to you, and home sales at the end of 2017. 

The Voice for Real Estate 79: Tax Reform, Net Neutrality, Loan Limits

The House-Senate conference committee made changes to tax reform that are better for homeowners although NAR remains concerned the bill on balance is not good for them because many middle-income homeowners will no longer itemize. Nevertheless, the conference bill is an improvement on MID, state and local tax deductions, and the capital gains exclusion on home sale proceeds, among other things. 

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