MLS Member Transfer

When you transfer from one Association to another, there are two types of transfers that can occur:

  1. CRMLS Member Transfer - When a California Regional Multiple Listings Services (CRMLS) member is transferring from one to another CRMLS Association
  2. CARETS Member Transfer - When the member is coming from another MLS in the CARETS (California Real Estate Technology Service) group to a CRMLS Association

Part I. Download and fill out the transfer forms, and submit them to West San Gabriel Valley Association of REALTORS

  1. Download and fill out the CRMLS Member Transfer Form completely
  2. Download and fill out the Membership Application Form completely
  3. Contact your previous association for a Letter of Good Standing Form
  4. If you pay your membership dues by credit card, then download and fill out the Credit Card Authorization Form completely
  5. Once done, e-mail all of these forms to 

Part II Handle SUPRA Key and iBOX (if any)

Do you have a SUPRA key? If YES, you must transfer it out from your current Association/Board

Do you have iBOX? If YES, you need to de-program it from your current Association/Board

Please contact our association staff at 626-288-6212 if you have any questions. 

Need more information on how to transfer, please read below:

CRMLS Matrix Member Transfer Procedure

This transfer procedure, and the accompanying form, is for Matrix users only. Tempo users should contact CRMLS support for information on their transfer procedure.

When a member transfers from one Association to another there are two types of transfers that can occur, a CRMLS Member Transfer or a CARETS Member Transfer. The CRMLS Member Transfer (also called Member Transfer) is when a CRMLS member is transferring from one CRMLS Association to another CRMLS Association. A CARETS Member Transfer is when the member is coming from another MLS in the CARETS group to a CRMLS Association.

CRMLS Member Transfer

When an existing member of CRMLS transfers from one CRMLS Member Association to another CRMLS Member Association, CRMLS offers the service of updating that member's existing agent account to reflect the new Office and Association. This process will retain all of the member’s personal data, such as Saved Searches, Contacts, Auto Mail, Messaging and Personal Settings. The visible effect is that of a ‘move’ of their account from one Association to another, leaving no elements of the original account other than the paper trail intentionally left in the Matrix Audit Tables.  

Rapattoni Magic based membership poses a special case and requires handling. If the Association being left by the member uses the Rapattoni membership system, that member account will become ‘orphaned’ from the Agent Roster in Matrix. This means that any new requests to update Matrix from the Rapattoni data file will have the following results. Any updates with a change type of “D”, “C” or “M” will have no effect as the Public ID will no longer exist. Any updates with a change type of “A” will result in a new Agent Roster record being created. If that record is active, CRMLS will bill for that account. If the record is inactive, it will remain in Matrix unused and inactive.

Peripheral products (i.e. Smart Trac, Smart Fax, Listing Book, etc.) require special handling. The products being used by the transferring member must be noted to CRMLS staff if the member wishes to retain any work saved in those services. The member transfer form has a list of peripheral products that can be transferred. Circle only products that the member is actively using as this part of the transfer is very resource intensive and should be used sparingly. Ensure that the signing broker understands that they are releasing the information in each of the circled products.

The following steps must be taken to ensure a successful transfer:

  1. The receiving Association will need to create the new office to be used, if it doesn’t already exist. The member transfer process does not transfer offices.
  2. If the member is leaving a broker as part of the transfer, the Association must notify the broker and allow them time to transfer any listings from the transferring member to another agent, office manager or broker account within the same office. Otherwise all non-final listings (active, backup, hold, pending & withdrawn) will be automatically assigned to the broker’s account. The broker will show as the Listing Agent for those listings.
  3. The receiving Association must select a new unique Public ID for the member, but do not input as a new account in Matrix. Rapattoni Associations will need to enter the new account in their system, but only after the transfer is complete. Premature transmittal from Rapattoni will result in transfer failure and may result in a delay.
  4. Complete the CRMLS Member Transfer Form and fax to 909-859-2050. Normal transfers with fully completed documentation will be completed within two business days. Incomplete forms will be returned to the receiving Association. Special cases or transfer issues may extend the transfer timeline and should be brought to the attention of CRMLS as soon as possible.

Is Agent Transferring to a New Broker: The transfer request form has “Is agent transferring to a new broker? Y/N”. By selecting “Yes”, all non-final (active, backup, pending, hold, withdrawn) listings will be automatically assigned to the original broker. The transferring agent will have their new ID applied to all of their finalized (sold, leased, cancelled, expired) listings. Meanwhile the original office will also be retained on those finalized listings as to give both the agent and office proper credit for those listings.

By selecting "NO", all listings, regardless of status, will be transferred with the agent. The office will also be updated on all listings. This option is needed when an entire office is moving across associations or an agent is transferring office, but remaining under the same broker.