Yet another real estate seminar scam

Published Wednesday, November 6, 2019
by Lisa Lake Consumer Education Specialist, FTC

For the second time in about a month, the FTC sued a company that falsely promised it would show people how to earn money in real estate to get them to pay thousands of dollars for seminars.

In the latest case, the FTC filed a complaint against Nudge, a company that sells training programs and other services to aspiring real estate investors. Nudge encouraged people to attend one of its Preview Events through mailings and infomercials featuring TV personalities from shows like “Flipping Vegas,” “Flip Men,” “Renovate to Rent,” and “Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.” One infomercial featured a celebrity who promised to share a “formula for success” in real estate investing that was “proven” to get results. But these events were mainly sales pitches to get people to buy workshops costing more than $1,000.