What is CIPS?

A Certified International Property Specialist (CIPS) designee has undergone specialized training to complete international transactions seamlessly and with reduced risk.

The CIPS designation is the only international designation recognized by the National Association of REALTORS®. Only REALTORS® who have completed the coursework and demonstrated considerable experience in international business can call themselves a CIPS designee, and use the name and logo.

What is the coursework/training?

CIPS designees must complete 5 full days of study focusing on the critical aspects of international transactions, including:

  • Currency and exchange rate issues
  • Cross-cultural relationships
  • Regional market conditions
  • Investment performance
  • Tax issues

Learn more about the required designation courses.

After they have completed the coursework requirements, designees instantly join a tight-knit network of over 2,800 international property professionals around the world. These referral partners can help you do business in over 50 countries, and ensure that you will receive the same level of service no matter where your next home is located.

How does working with a CIPS designee benefit you?

Designees are well-informed and prepared to work with international clients, so you can be sure they will provide a smooth and seamless experience for foreign buyers. They have access to a wide network of professionals to assist you with inbound or outbound transactions around the globe.

CIPS Directory

  • You can search for CIPS Designees at the West San Gabriel Valley REALTORS® by clicking here.

  • You can also search by name, location, language, or country specialization.

In any type of international real estate transaction - whether you are selling your home to an international buyer, or purchasing a home abroad - working with a CIPS designee is your best and most trusted resource for navigating the international market.